Kit Exchange

There’s nothing worse than trying to soldier on with kit that’s in clip. I remember the dread of going to exchange stuff when it was worn out or broken because, generally speaking the storeman acted as though the kit was his own private stuff and it often felt like you were asking for one of his arms instead of a new shirt or a pair of boots – trying to get blood out of a stone comes quite close as an analogy! Nevertheless, there are times when parts of your kit become unfit for service and they need to be exchanged.

Despite how skilled and brilliant we are as soldiers, or as humans, in many ways we are also broken and in ill-repair. Hear me out: Humans are incredible creatures; we are capable of such amazing things: we are ingenious, we are creative, we can be kind, compassionate and forgiving, we are capable of incredible feats of endurance and suffering of hardships, and can make huge leaps of progress towards a better world, for example. But, according to the Bible, we are in fact not currently all we are meant to be, we are in a sense unfit for service; as incredible as we are now, we were actually made to be even more so once upon a time – we were made perfect and lived in a perfect world in harmony with God.

But then something broke: evil entered the equation and spoiled everything – but, God has a plan to make it right again. This plan is in motion and the solution is available to all that want it. God want’s to do this and He has provided the way too.

“The Lord is not slow to fulfill his promise as some count slowness, but is patient toward you, not wishing that any should perish, but that all should reach eternal life.”

2 Peter 3:9

Imagine for a moment that God was like a Storeman in heaven – well, not like the grumpy human Storeman, who begrudgingly gives you new kit, but one who’s desire is to give us what we need in order to be made right with Him again.

  • The thing that needs exchanging is our heart – for he can give us a new one.
  • The thing which is broken is our relationship with our Heavenly Father – and Jesus is the only way by which this can be fixed.

To get a new heart, mend our broken relationship and get a heads up on eternity, you must seek out God’s rich storehouse of grace and mercy and do the exchange and become a brand new, fit and restored creation.

“Unlike the storemen of old, God is very much approachable and willingly in the business of making you fit for heaven and fit for life on Earth until then. We as humans are in clip – but we can be made fit again!”

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Published by Paul

Christian. Writer. Blogger. Husband. Father. Love the Lord. Love the Bible. Love my Wife. Jesus saved me from myself. The Father looks after me every day. The Spirit guides my steps in life. One day I’ll be with Him forever.

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